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Flow meter
Integrated electromagnetic flowmeter

一体式 电磁流量计测量原理是法拉第电磁感应定律;传感器主要组成部分是:测量管、电极、励磁线圈、铁芯与磁轭壳体;它主要用于测量封闭管道中的导电液体和浆液中的体积流量;包括酸、碱、盐等强腐蚀性的液体。 The measuring principle of the DXLDE series integrated electromagnetic flowmeter is the Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction; the main components of the sensor are: measuring tube, electrode, excitation coil, iron core and yoke housing; it is mainly used to measure conductive liquids and slurries in closed pipes Volume flow in medium; including strong corrosive liquid such as acid, alkali, salt. The product is widely used in petroleum, textile, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgy, papermaking and other industries, as well as in environmental protection, municipal management, and water conservancy construction.

1. The measurement is not affected by changes in fluid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure and conductivity;
2. There are no obstructing flow parts in the measuring tube, no pressure loss, and the requirements for straight pipe sections are low;
3. The nominal diameter of the series is DN15 ~ DN3000. Multiple choices for sensor liner and electrode materials;
4. The converter uses a novel excitation method, low power consumption, stable zero point and high accuracy. Flow range can reach 1500: 1;
5. The converter can be integrated or separated with the sensor;
6. The converter adopts a 16-bit high-performance microprocessor, 2x16 LCD display, convenient parameter setting and reliable programming;
7. The flow meter is a two-way measurement system with three totalizers: forward total, reverse total, and difference total; it can be displayed. Zhuang, anti-flow, and has a variety of outputs: electricity
Stream, pulse, digital communication, HART;
8. The converter uses surface-mount technology (SMT) and has self-checking and self-diagnostic functions;

Main technical data:
Machine and sensor technical data

Implementation standards

T 9248—1999 JB / T 9248—1999

Nominal diameter

2025324050658010012515020025030035040045050060070080090010001200140016001800200022002400260028003000 15 , 20 , 25 , 32 , 40 , 50 , 65 , 80 , 100 , 125 , 150 , 200 , 250 , 300 , 350 , 400 , 450 , 500 , 600 , 700 , 800 , 900 , 1000 , 1200 , 1400 , 1400 , 1600 , 1800 , 2000 , 2200 , 2400 , 2600 , 2800 , 3000

Maximum flow rate

s 15m s


DN600 DNl5DN600

(流速≥1ms)±3mms(流速<1ms) Indication: ± 0.3 % ( velocity ≥1m / s) ; ± 3mm / s ( velocity <1m / s)


(流速≥0.8mS)±4mms(流速<0.8mS) ± 0.5 % of displayed value ( velocity ≥0.8m / S) ; ± 4mm / s ( velocity <0.8m / S)

Fluid conductivity

cm ≥5uScm

Nominal pressure





10MPa 6.310MPa

DN150 DNl5DN150

DN600 DNl5DN600

DN1000 DN200 to DN1000

DN3000 DN700 to DN3000

Special order

Ambient temperature


60℃ —25 ℃ —ten 60 ℃

Converter and integrated

60℃ —10 ℃ —ten 60 ℃

Lining material

、加网PFA Polytetrafluoroethylene, polychloroprene rubber, polyurethane, polyperfluoroethylene propylene (F46) , screened PFA

Fluid temperature

体型 —Body type

70 ℃


Polychloroprene lining

120℃(订货时注明) 80 ℃120 ℃ ( specify when ordering )

Polyurethane lining

80 ℃

Teflon lining

150℃(订货时注明) 100 ℃150 ℃ ( specify when ordering )

Polyperfluoroethylene (F46)

Screened PFA

Signal electrode and ground electrode materials

、哈氏合金C 、哈氏合金B 、钛、钽、铂/铱合金、不锈钢涂覆碳化钨 Stainless steel 0Crl8Nil2M02Ti , Hastelloy C , Hastelloy B , titanium, tantalum, platinum / iridium alloy, stainless steel coated tungsten carbide

Electrode scraper mechanism


Connection flange material

Carbon steel

Ground flange material

Stainless steel 1Crl8Ni9Ti

Imported protective flange material


Stainless steel 1Crl8Ni9Ti

DNl600 DN200 to DNl600

Carbon steel ten stainless steel 1Crl8Ni9Ti

Shell protection

DN3000分离型橡胶或聚氨酯衬里传感器 DNl5 to DN3000 separate rubber or polyurethane lined sensors

IP68 IP65 or IP68

体型流量计和分离型转换器 Other sensors, ——body flowmeters and separate converters


分离型) Pitch ( separated )

Converter distance sensor generally does not exceed 100m

Converter technical data

power supply

communicate with

45—400Hz 85—265V , 45—400Hz



Operation keys and displays


个薄膜按键可设定选择全部参数,也可利用PC(RS232)对转换器设定编程; 4 membrane buttons can be set to select all parameters, and the converter settings can be programmed using a PC (RS232) ;

LCD宽视角、宽温、带背光显示; 3- line LCD wide viewing angle, wide temperature, with backlight display;

行显示流量值; Line 1 shows the flow value;

行显示流量单位; Line 2 shows the flow unit;

行显示流量百分比、正向总量、反向总量、差值总量、报警、流速。 Line 3 shows the flow percentage, forward total, reverse total, difference total, alarm, and flow rate.

Magnetic key

个磁键用于显示参数的选择和复位,利用PC(RS232)对转换器设定编程; 2 magnetic keys are used to select and reset display parameters, and use the PC (RS232) to program the converter settings;

LCD宽视角、宽温、带背光显示: 2- line LCD wide viewing angle, wide temperature, with backlight display:

:磁键选择:显示流量百分比、正向总量、反向总量、差值总量、报警、流速。 Line 1 : magnetic key selection : display flow percentage, forward total, reverse total, difference total, alarm, flow rate.

行:显示流量。 Line 2 : Shows traffic.

Internal totalizer

Forward total, reverse total, and difference total.

output signal

One-way analog output

. Fully isolated, load ≤600D . 时)(At 20mA ) ;

可选,每档lmA ; Upper limit: 0-21mA optional, lmA per file;

可选,每档1mA ; Lower limit: 0-21mA optional, 1mA per file;

Programming of forward and reverse flow output.

Bidirectional analog output

The lower limit is limited to. ,其他同单向模拟输出。 Or 4mA , others have the same unidirectional analog output.

Bi-directional pulse output

频率0800Hz,上限1—800Hz可选,每档IHz ; The two outputs respectively correspond to the forward and reverse flow , the frequency is 0800Hz, the upper limit is 1-800Hz can be selected , each file is IHz ;

. Square wave or selected pulse width, upper limit of selected pulse width 2 . ,每档1ms5S , 1ms per file;

的电流,耐压35V 。 Passive isolated transistor switch output, can absorb 250mA current, withstand voltage 35V .

Dual alarm output

编程)高/低流量、空管、故障状态、正,,反向流量、模拟量超量程、脉冲量超量程、脉冲小信号切除,输出极性可选; Can alarm ( program ) high / low flow, air pipe, fault status, positive, reverse flow, analog overrange, pulse overrange, pulse small signal removal, output polarity selectable

可吸收250mA的电流,耐压35V.(与脉冲输出不隔离) Transistor switch output with isolation protection , can absorb 250mA current , withstand voltage 35V. ( Not isolated from pulse output )

Digital communication

RS485HART RS232 , RS485 , HART

Choice of lining

Lining material

Main performance

Maximum medium temperature

Scope of application

体型 —Body type


Teflon ( F4)

It is a kind of plastic with the most stable chemical properties. It is resistant to boiling hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid and aqua regia. Not resistant to the corrosion of chlorine trifluoride, high temperature chlorine trifluoride, high flow rate liquid fluorine, liquid oxygen, and autogenous oxygen.

70 ℃

需特殊订货) 100 ℃ 150 ℃ ( special order required )

、浓酸、碱等强腐蚀性介质。 1. Strong corrosive media such as concentrated acid and alkali. 、卫生类介质。 2. Sanitary media.

Polyperfluoroethylene ( F46)

,耐磨性、抗负压能力高于F4 。 Same as F4 , the wear resistance and negative pressure resistance are higher than F4 .


Polyfluoroethylene ( FS)

The upper temperature limit is lower than PTFE, but the cost is lower.

80 ℃

Polychloroprene rubber

、有极好的弹性,高度的扯断力,耐磨性能好。 1. Excellent elasticity, high breaking force and good wear resistance. 、耐一般低浓度酸、碱、盐介质的腐蚀,不耐氧化介质的腐蚀。 2. Resistant to the corrosion of general low-concentration acid, alkali and salt media, and not resistant to the oxidation media.

需特殊订货) 80 ℃ 120 ℃ ( special order required )

Water, sewage, weak abrasive mud.

Polyurethane rubber

、耐磨性能极强。 1. Extremely strong abrasion resistance.

、耐腐蚀性能较差。 2. Poor corrosion resistance.

80 ℃

Neutral and strong abrasion slurry, coal slurry, mud

Selection of inlet protection flange and ground flange (or ground ring)

Blue species

Scope of application

或接地环) Ground flange ( or ground ring )

Suitable for non-conductor pipes, such as plastic pipes, but not required for sensors with ground electrodes.

Import protection flange

Use when the media has strong abrasion.

Selection of electrodes

Electrode material

Corrosion and wear resistance

Stainless steel 0Crl8Nil2M02Ti

Used for industrial water, domestic water, sewage and other weakly corrosive media, suitable for petroleum, chemical, steel and other industrial sectors, as well as municipal, environmental protection and other fields.

Hastelloy B

It has good corrosion resistance to hydrochloric acid at all concentrations below the boiling point, and it is also resistant to the corrosion of non-chlorinated acids, alkalis, and non-oxidizing salts such as sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, hydrofluoric acid, and organic acids.

Hastelloy C

、、 Cu”下或含其他氧化剂的腐蚀,如高于常温的次氯酸盐溶液、海水的腐蚀 Resistant to corrosion by non-oxidizing acids, such as nitric acid, mixed acids, or mixed media of chromic acid and sulfuric acid, and also resistant to oxidative salts such as: Fe , "" , Cu " or other corrosion agents, such as above normal Corrosion of hypochlorite solution and seawater


包括发烟硫酸) 、有机酸、碱的腐蚀。 Resistant to seawater, various chlorides and hypochlorites, oxidizing acids ( including fuming sulfuric acid ) , organic acids and alkalis. 如硫酸、盐酸)的腐蚀,但如酸中含有氧化剂(如硝酸、 Fc ++、 Cu ++ )时,则腐蚀大为降低。 It is not resistant to the corrosion of relatively pure reducing acids ( such as sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid ) , but if the acid contains oxidants ( such as nitric acid, Fc +, Cu + + ) , the corrosion is greatly reduced.


Has excellent corrosion resistance and is very similar to glass. 切化学介质(包括沸点的盐酸、硝酸和l 50℃以下的硫酸)的腐蚀。 In addition to hydrofluoric acid, fuming sulfuric acid, and alkali, it is almost resistant to the corrosion of cutting media ( including boiling point hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, and sulfuric acid below 50 ° C ) . Diao in alkali; corrosion resistance.

Platinum / titanium alloy

切化学介质,但不适用于王水和铵盐。 Almost resistant to cutting chemical media, but not suitable for aqua regia and ammonium salts.

Stainless steel coated tungsten carbide

For non-corrosive and abrasive media.

Note: Due to the variety of media, its corrosivity is affected by complex factors such as temperature, concentration, and flow rate, so this table is for reference only. The user should make his own choice according to the actual situation, and if necessary, should perform the corrosion resistance test of the material to be selected, such as the hanging sheet test.

Model selection of DXLDE series integrated electromagnetic flowmeter
◆ Range confirmation
被测介质流速以2~4m/s为宜,在特殊情况下,最低流速应不小于0.2m/s,最高应不大于8m/s。 Generally, the flow velocity of the measured medium of the industrial electromagnetic flowmeter is 2 ~ 4m / s. In special cases, the minimum flow velocity should be no less than 0.2m / s and the highest should be no more than 8m / s. If the medium contains solid particles, the commonly used flow rate should be less than 3m / s to prevent excessive friction between the lining and the electrode. For viscous fluids, the flow rate can be selected to be greater than 2m / s. A larger flow rate helps to automatically eliminate stickiness on the electrode. The role of stagnation is conducive to improving measurement accuracy.
Under the condition that the range Q has been determined, the size of the flowmeter diameter D can be determined according to the above range of the flow velocity V, and the value is calculated by the following formula:
Q = πD2V / 4
Q: Flow rate (㎡ / h) D: Pipe inner diameter V: Flow rate (m / h)
的量程Q应大于预计的最大流量值,而正常的流量值以稍大于流量计满量程刻度的50为宜。 The range Q of the electromagnetic flowmeter should be greater than the expected maximum flow value, while the normal flow value should be slightly larger than 50 of the full scale of the flowmeter.
◆ Reference flow range of DXLDE series electromagnetic flowmeter

Caliber mm

Flow range m3 / h

Caliber mm

Flow range m3 / h


0.06 ~ 6.36


5722.65 57.235722.65


11.3 0.11 to 11.3


7065.00 70.657065.00


17.66 0.18 to 17.66


10173.6 101.7410173.6


45.22 0.4545.22


13847.4 138.4713847.4


70.65 0.7170.65


18086.4 180.8618086.4


119.4 1.19119.4


22890.6 228.9122890.6


180.86 1.81180.86


40694.4 406.9440694.4


282.60 2.83282.60


55389.6 553.9055389.6


635.85 6.36635.85


72345.6 723.4672345.6


1130.4 11.31130.4


91562.4 915.6291562.4


176.25. 17.66176.25.


113040.00 1130.4113040.00


2543.40 25.432543.40


136778.4 1367.78136778.4


3461.85 34.623461.85


162777.6 1627.78162777.6


4521.6 45.224521.6


191037.6 1910.38191037.6

智能电磁流量计选型谱 DXLDE series intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter selection spectrum




15 ~ 2600


Installation form






Converter model






output signal


4 ~ 20mA


Frequency 1KHz


Serial communication (485)


Control output



Explosion-proof requirements


No explosion


Explosion-proof (only for split type)



Medium temperature


≤65 ℃


≤120 ℃


≤180 ℃ (only applicable to split type)



Lining material


Neoprene (≤65 ℃)


Polytetrafluoroethylene (≤189 ℃)


Polyvinyl chloride (≤70 ℃)



Electrode material


stainless steel


Hastelloy C


Hastelloy B





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