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Flow meter
V cone flowmeter


L V 锥流量计 又称内锥流量计、 V锥流量计 锥形流量计 ,一种新型的高精度差压式流量计。 DX- L V cone flowmeter is also called inner cone flowmeter, V cone flowmeter , cone flowmeter , a new type of high precision differential pressure flowmeter. V锥流量计 A special streamlined cone is suspended from the centerline of the closed pipe for central throttling, and the differential pressure measured by the upstream pipe wall and the tail of the cone is used to calculate the flow rate, hence the name V-cone flowmeter . Due to the unique structural design of the meter, its performance is better than other differential pressure flow meters.

working principle:

锥流量计 是一种差压流量仪表,迄今为止以差压原理设计的流量仪表已经有一百多年的应用历史了。 V cone flowmeter is a kind of differential pressure flow meter. So far, the flow meter designed based on the principle of differential pressure has more than 100 years of application history. The principle of differential pressure is based on the principle of energy conversion in a sealed pipe, which means that for a stable fluid, the flow rate is proportional to the square root of the velocity of the medium in the pipe. ,在介质通过锥体的截流区时,速度增大,压力降低为P2P1P2都通过锥形流量计的取压口引到 压变送器上,当流速发生变化时,锥形流量计的两个取压口之间的差压值会增大或缩小。 When the medium is close to the cone, its pressure is P1 . When the medium passes through the interception area of the cone, the speed increases and the pressure decreases to P2 . Both P1 and P2 are led to the differential pressure transmission through the pressure tap of the cone On the device , when the flow rate changes, the differential pressure value between the two pressure taking ports of the cone flowmeter will increase or decrease.

锥流量计 在进行流量计算时所采用的计算公式同其他差压流量仪表相同,但其截流元件的独特设计,迫使管道中心的介质绕着锥体流动,与其他差压流量计相比这样有很多优点。 The calculation formula used by the V- cone flowmeter for flow calculation is the same as that of other differential pressure flow meters, but the unique design of the shut-off element forces the medium in the center of the pipe to flow around the cone, compared with other differential pressure flow meters. There are many advantages. We can understand the performance of the conical flowmeter with the help of the ideal flow velocity profile. The fluid in the pipeline is not subject to any disturbance and obstruction, which is what we call the ideal flow state. His velocity distribution is uniform, the velocity near the pipe wall is almost zero, the velocity at the center of the pipe reaches the maximum, and the velocity near the pipe wall is almost Zero is caused by the frictional force of the pipe wall on the medium. Because the cone is suspended in the center of the pipeline, he is in direct contact with the high-speed region of the fluid, forcing the fluid in the high-speed region to mix with the fluid in the low-velocity region near the pipe wall to make the flow velocity uniform. So even if the flow rate is very low, the conical flow meter can still make the fluid and the highest flow rate in the center of the pipeline continuously produce the correct differential pressure.

   利用锥体对上游的流速分布曲线重新进行塑造,即使在极为恶劣的情况下,仍能保证测量精度。 In reality, it is difficult to distribute the flow velocity uniformly, and any change in the pipeline may affect the fluid, such as: bay head, valve, reduced diameter, expanded diameter, pump, tee, etc. The upstream velocity distribution curve is reshaped, and the measurement accuracy can be guaranteed even under extremely severe conditions.


%、 ±1.0 %、 ±1.5 %系统精度须参照应用条件及二次表的精度。 Flowmeter accuracy: ± 0.5 %, ± 1.0 %, ± 1.5 % system accuracy must refer to the application conditions and the accuracy of the secondary meter.

Good repeatability: better than ± 0.1%

1 ,若有必要也可加大。 Wide range ratio: 10 : 1 under normal circumstances, it can be increased if necessary.

直管段、后0~1D直管段即可保证测量精度。 Straight pipe section requirements are low: 0 ~ 3D straight pipe section and 0 ~ 1D straight pipe section of the flow meter can ensure measurement accuracy. 锥流量计可以接近单弯管或不同平面的双弯管而对精度影响很小。 Experiments have shown that the V- cone flowmeter can approach a single elbow or a double elbow with different planes with little impact on accuracy.

值可保持长期不变,仪表可长期使用不需标定。 Good long-term stability: The shape design of the cone ensures that the fluid flows through the cone in a gradual process without mutations. The β value can be maintained for a long time. The meter can be used for a long time without calibration.

信号波动 ,也就是说即使流体非常稳定,通过一次节流元件产生的信号也会有波动。 Signal stability: All differential pressure flow meters will have " signal fluctuations " , which means that even if the fluid is very stable, the signal generated by the throttling element will also fluctuate. For the orifice plate, the vortices formed after the throttle are longer. These long vortices will generate high amplitude and low frequency fluctuation signals, which will interfere with the reading of the differential pressure gauge. The conical flowmeter will form a small vortex downstream, which will generate low amplitude and high frequency fluctuation signals.

Low pressure loss: Because there is no protruding baffle, the permanent pressure loss of the cone flowmeter is 3/4 lower than that of the orifice plate.

吹扫式设计不存在死区,因此在锥体上不会堆积流体碎片、粘渣或杂质。 No stagnation dead zone: The " purge " design of the cone has no dead zone, so no fluid debris, sticky slag or impurities will accumulate on the cone.

锥形流量计的下游所产生的旋涡是短旋涡,可在下游将介质混合,因此,目前V锥形流量计在作为流量计工作的同时,还可在很多场合用做静态搅拌器,可迅速而充分的将介质搅拌均匀。 Mixer function: The vortex generated downstream of the V- cone flowmeter is a short vortex, which can mix the medium downstream. Therefore, while the V- cone flowmeter works as a flowmeter, it can also be used as a static in many occasions. Stirrer can stir the medium quickly and fully.

The main technical parameters:

、精度等级: 0.5 级, 1.0 1. Accuracy level: 0.5 level, 1.0 level

、工作压力: ≤16MPa 2. Working pressure: ≤16MPa


、工作温度: -40℃600℃ 3. Working temperature: -40 ℃600 ℃

、环境温度: -30-70℃ 4. Ambient temperature: -30-70 ℃

、管道内径: 15-3000mm 5. Inner diameter of pipeline: 15-3000mm

、输出信号: 4-20mA 6. Output signal: 4-20mA

、供电电压: 24V DC 7. Power supply voltage: 24V DC

  、测量介质:液体、气体、蒸汽 8. Measurement medium: liquid, gas, steam


  、相对湿度: 5%90% 9. Relative humidity: 5% to 90%


、流量计精确度: ±0.5%±1.0%±1.5% 10. Flowmeter accuracy: ± 0.5% , ± 1.0% , ± 1.5%

、重复性: 0.15%0.33%0.5% 11. Repeatability: 0.15% , 0.33% , 0.5%

、范围度(量程比): 101 12 , range degree (range ratio): 10 : 1

、适用雷诺数: 80001×107 13. Applicable Reynolds number: 80001 × 107

、结构形式:法兰连接型、对夹型、特殊(按用户需求) 14. Structure: flange connection type, wafer type, special (according to user requirements)

、安装直管段长度:一般上游13D ,下游0.51D 15. Length of installation straight pipe section: Generally upstream 13D , downstream 0.51D

、材质:碳钢、 SUS304SUS316L 、其它 16. Material: carbon steel, SUS304 , SUS316L , others



煤气、天然气(包括含湿度5%以下)、各种碳氢化合物(包括含湿的HC气体)、各种稀有气体(氢、氦、氩、氧、氮等)、氯气、湿的氯化物气体、空气(包括含水、含SiO2粒子以及含其他悬浮物的空气)、烟道气、饱和蒸汽(含汽、水两相流)、过热蒸汽、水等。 Medium: gas, natural gas (including humidity below 5% ), various hydrocarbons (including wet HC gas), various rare gases (hydrogen, helium, argon, oxygen, nitrogen, etc.), chlorine, wet chlorine Compound gas, air (including water, air containing SiO2 particles and other suspended matter), flue gas, saturated steam (steam and water two-phase flow), superheated steam, water, etc.

从深冷到超临界状态,最高温度达700℃ ,最大压力40Mpa Conditions: From cryogenic to supercritical state, the maximum temperature is 700 ° C , and the maximum pressure is 40Mpa .

每一个锥形流量计都根据流体的性质、压力和温度用专门的软件进行计算。 Calculation: Each cone flowmeter is calculated with special software based on the nature, pressure and temperature of the fluid. 值。 Users can choose β value according to their application conditions (component, temperature, pressure, pipe diameter, maximum flow rate, common flow rate, minimum flow rate, and maximum allowable pressure loss of the measured medium).

锥形流量计 免维护,不需要定期维护和检定。 Maintenance: The conical flowmeter is maintenance-free and does not require regular maintenance and verification.

Flange installation selection instructions:

锥形流量计 用国标公制法兰GB/T9112-9124-2000 )连接,有多种压力等级可供选择。 V- cone flowmeter adopts national standard metric flange GB / T9112-9124-2000 ) connection, there are many pressure levels to choose from.


Product selection :




Cone flowmeter



Caliber (mm)

3000 15 3000

DN3000mm DN15 to DN3000mm

Material of each part



Steel Pipe




20 #

20 #








20 #














Other materials










High temperature medium


Form of compensation


Without pressure and temperature compensation


With pressure and temperature compensation output


Connection Type


Threaded connection (for small diameter)


Flange connection


Pressure Level




0.6 MPa


1.0 MPa


1.6 MPa


2.5 MPa


4.0 MPa


6.3 MPa


10 MPa


16 MPa


25 MPa


40 MPa

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Please provide the following data in detail when ordering:
)被测介质 ( 1 ) Measured medium
)最大、常用、最小流量。 ( 2 ) Maximum, common, minimum flow.
)工作压力、工作温度、最高压力、最高温度 ( 3 ) Working pressure, working temperature, maximum pressure, maximum temperature
)介质密度、粘度 ( 4 ) Medium density and viscosity
)管道材质、内径、外径 ( 5 ) Pipe material, inner diameter, outer diameter
)现场管道敷设情况和局部阻力件形式。 ( 6 ) On-site pipeline laying and local resistance forms.

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