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technical article
Rotameter installation knowledge
2011-9-8 17:36:19

   也称浮子流量计 ,在工业现场应用中 一般 单相液体或气体 的测量对象 选择转子流量计 Rotary flowmeter is also called float flowmeter . In industrial field applications, single-phase liquid or gas is usually selected as the object of measurement . 微小气泡均会影响测量值 ,所以一般 液体中含有微粒固体或 气体中含有液滴通常不适用 使用转子流量计 Because the float adheres to particles or tiny bubbles in the liquid stream , it will affect the measured value . Generally , the rotor flowmeter is not suitable for solid particles containing liquid or droplets containing gas . 需要远传输出信号作总量积算或 流量控制 的话 ,一般选用电信号输出的 金属管转子流量计 或者金 属管浮子流量计。 If it is necessary to transmit the signal remotely for total accumulation or flow control , generally a metal tube rotor flowmeter or metal tube float flowmeter with an electrical signal output is selected . 环境气氛有防爆要求而现场又有控制仪表用气源 ,那么 则优先考虑远传金属转子 流量计 如果 选用电远传仪表则必须是防爆型。 However, if the measurement environment has explosion-proof requirements and there is an on-site control instrument air source , remote transmission metal rotor flow meters are preferred . If electric remote transmission instruments are selected , they must be explosion-proof.
一般 选择金属管转子流量计较为普遍 ,而 测量温度高于环境温度的高粘度液体和降温易析出结晶或 者容 易凝固的液体,应 选用带夹套的金属管转子流量计。 When measuring opaque liquids, metal tube rotor flowmeters are generally used . For measuring high-viscosity liquids with a temperature higher than the ambient temperature and liquids that are easy to precipitate crystals or solidify when cooled down , jacketed metal tube rotor flowmeters should be used. . 我公司东祥仪 表厂 技术人员为您介绍 金属 转子流量计安装使用注意事项: The technical staff of Dongxiang Instrument Factory of our company will introduce the precautions for the installation and use of metal rotor flow meters.
1. Instrument installation direction
垂直安装在 没有 振动的管道上,不应 有明显的倾斜 现象 ,流体自下而上流过仪表。 Most rotor flowmeters must be installed vertically on a pipe without vibration, and there should be no obvious tilting . The fluid flows through the meter from the bottom up. The angle between the centerline of the rotor flowmeter and the plumb line is generally not more than 5 degrees.

High-precision meter θ≤20 ° . If θ = 12 °, there will be 1% additional error. 没有 严格要求,但也有制造厂要求2-5D 长度的,实际上必要性不大。 There is no strict requirement for the length of the upstream straight pipe section of the instrument , but some manufacturers require a length of 2-5D , which is actually not necessary.

转子流量计扩大范围度的安装 2.Installation of extended range of rotor flowmeter
   测量要求的流量范围度宽,范围度超过10 时, 那么 可以在一台仪表内放两只不同形状和重量的浮子 If the flow range required for the measurement is wide and the range exceeds 10 , two floats of different shapes and weights can be placed in one meter . Take a light float reading when the flow is small, take a heavy float reading after the float reaches the top, and the range can be expanded to 50-100 .
3. Installation for dirty fluids
   在仪表上游装过滤器。 Install a filter upstream of the meter. 在仪表前装磁过滤器。 When the metal tube rotor flowmeter is used for fluids that may contain magnetic impurities, a magnetic filter should be installed in front of the meter. 仪表, 如果 浮子 的清洁度不够 明显影响测量值。 It is necessary to keep the float and cone tube clean, especially for small-caliber instruments. If the cleanliness of the float is not enough, it will obviously affect the measured value.

要排尽液体用仪表内气体 4. The rotor flowmeter should exhaust the gas in the instrument for liquid
一条 直线的角型金属转子流量计,用于液体时注意外传浮子位移的引申套管内是 不是还有 残留空气,必须排尽; 如果 液体含有微小气泡流动时 特别容 易积聚在套管内, The inlet and outlet are not in a straight angle type metal rotor flowmeter. When the liquid is used for liquid, pay attention to whether there is residual air in the extended casing. It must be exhausted; if the liquid contains micro bubbles, it is particularly easy to accumulate in the casing ,

定时排气。 In this case, it should be vented regularly. 影响流量示值明显。 This point is more important for small-caliber instruments, otherwise it will affect the flow indication.
5.Installation of pulsating flow of rotor flowmeter
拟装仪表位置的上游有往复泵或 调节阀,或下游有大负荷变化等,应 改换测量位置或 在管道系统予以补救改进, 如加装缓冲罐; 如果 是仪表自身的振荡, 如测量时气体压力过低,仪表上游阀门 没有 全开,调节阀 没有 装在仪表下游等原因,应 针对性改进克服,或 改选用有阻尼装置的仪表。 The pulsation of the flow itself, if there is a reciprocating pump or regulating valve upstream of the proposed instrument position , or there is a large load change downstream, etc., the measurement position should be changed or the pipeline system should be remedied, such as installing a buffer tank; If it is the vibration of the instrument itself, for example , the gas pressure is too low during measurement, the upstream valve of the instrument is not fully open, and the regulating valve is not installed downstream of the instrument, etc., it should be targeted to improve to overcome, or use a meter with a damping device.
6. Rotor flowmeter flow value should be converted as necessary
   使用密度、粘度等介质参数向转子流量计生产厂家专门订制的仪表, 那么 If the instrument is not specially ordered to the rotor flow meter manufacturer according to the medium parameters such as density and viscosity, then Liquid instruments are usually calibrated with water, and gas instruments are calibrated with air. The setting value is in the engineering standard state. 样的 ,要做必要 换算。 When the conditions of fluid density, gas pressure and temperature are different from the calibration , the necessary conversion must be done . Conversion formulas and methods are detailed in the operating instructions of the manufacturer of the rotor flowmeter.