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technical article
Paperless recorder records data and saves data extremely effectively
2012-2-17 10:54:31

记得我在70、80年代测量温度是采用比率计,国产动圈仪表,手工记录热控数据,后来采用上海自动化仪表一厂生产的气动、电动有纸记录仪,每天一上班巡回检查给记录仪装卷纸加红、蓝墨水,墨水瓶里插根软塑料管连着指针画线,手上红的蓝的很难受,后来设计含墨水的记录笔。 The paperless recorder remembers that in the 1970s and 1980s, I used a ratio meter, a domestic dynamic coil meter, and manually recorded thermal control data. Later, I used a pneumatic and electric paper recorder produced by Shanghai Automation Instrument Factory. Check to add red and blue ink to the roll paper of the recorder. Insert a soft plastic tube into the ink bottle and draw a line with the pointer. The red and blue on the hand is uncomfortable. There are 2, 4, and 6 channels, the recording paper is archived, and the overall cost is high. Paperless recorder In the past ten years, the development of computer software technology has emerged as a disk-mounted paperless recorder. In recent years, it has developed rapidly, is widely used, has powerful functions, and has many applications in the power industry. Such as Zhejiang University Central Control, Beijing Yinghuada and other units have 4, 6, 8, 16, 24, 48 and other channels installed on the dashboard with stable performance. But there is a point that all signal cables must be connected to the instrument panel, which has limitations in applications. Bus type digital paperless recorder With the development of computer hardware and software technology, the promotion of configuration software, the formulation of communication protocol standards, and the application of RS485 communication bus. The advent of touch-screen tablets has diversified the system architecture. Digital paperless recorders in the form of a new generation of communication buses. Due to the rapid development of touch-screen tablet PCs, embedded hardware technology carefully designed by hardware manufacturers, Microsoft's WINCE operating system, and colorful LCD touch screens, the reliability of the system itself is guaranteed, and high-performance human-machine interfaces are quickly formed. The operating system adopts WINCE, installs embedded configuration software package, and freely edits configuration software to realize application functions. Process flow configuration and trend chart, bar chart, report, history records and other systems can be plugged in and powered out, no hard disk, anti-vibration, the system will not crash, and improve the stability of the automation system. Thanks to the latest LCD and touch technology, the grade of the product is greatly improved. The system is widely used with its powerful Ethernet communication function, complex curve function, beautiful human-machine interface and various report functions. For example, Xiamen Yudian AI-2000W fieldbus digital paperless recorder has been successfully used in electric furnaces, chemical fiber and hospital air-conditioning systems. Used as a terminal display operator (upper computer). Hanging 2, 4, 8, 16, 36 display control instruments and acquisition modules.

表是以先进的CPU为核心,并辅以大规模集成电路、大容量FLASH存储、信号智能调理、SmartBus总线以及高分辨率图形液晶显示器的新型智能化无纸记录仪表,采用长寿命LED背光160×128单色液晶显示屏,支持4/8/16通道模拟量通用输入或2/4/8通道模拟输出与12通道报警输出,设定数据与记录数据具掉电保护功能,具有体积小、通道数多、功耗低、精度高、通用性强、运行稳定、可靠性高等特点。 The paperless recording instrument is a new type of intelligent paperless recording instrument based on an advanced CPU, supplemented by large-scale integrated circuits, large-capacity FLASH storage, intelligent signal conditioning, SmartBus bus, and high-resolution graphic LCD display. Lifetime LED backlit 160 × 128 monochrome LCD display, support 4/8 / 16-channel analog universal input or 2/4 / 8-channel analog output and 12-channel alarm output, setting data and recording data with power failure protection function, It has the characteristics of small size, many channels, low power consumption, high accuracy, strong versatility, stable operation and high reliability. The color paperless recording instrument is a new intelligent paperless recording instrument based on a 32-bit embedded CPU, supplemented by large-scale integrated circuits, large-capacity FLASH storage, intelligent signal conditioning, SmartBus bus, and high-resolution graphic LCD display. The instrument adopts 320 × 240 color LCD display; supports 16-channel analog universal input or 8-channel analog output and 12-channel alarm output; setting data and recording data have power failure protection function; adopts USB Host technology and provides USB bus interface, Realize FAT16 file system, support USB mobile storage data read and write; It has the characteristics of small size, many channels, low power consumption, high accuracy, strong versatility, stable operation, high reliability and so on. Evolution of a small long chart paperless recorder. The development of recorders has a history of several decades. As an important data recording instrument, it has been widely used in various industrial sites, especially in the field of process control. It is a very commonly used secondary instrument in automation instruments, and it is an extremely effective tool for recording and saving data. Throughout the development process of the recorder, it has roughly gone through three stages: traditional mechanical analog meters, the first generation of paperless recorders, and network-based multifunctional paperless recorders based on virtual technology. Prior to 1995, basically a mechanical pen-and-paper recorder was used, which used a pen to draw curves on the recording paper to achieve the purpose of recording and saving data. Due to its complex pen-head servo system and many mechanical moving parts, its reliability is poor. At the same time, the mechanical recorder has inherent defects such as a single display mode (curve recording), subsequent data processing difficulties, and high long-term operating costs (requires regular replacement of recording paper and ink). In 1992, the International Instrumentation Exhibition was held in Beijing, and British P & G and German B & H companies demonstrated paperless recorders with completely new concepts. Domestic disciplinary companies were keenly aware of this major market opportunity, so they carried out imitation development. In 1996, Zhejiang University Central Control first introduced the JL20 series of paperless recorders to the market. The paperless recorder uses a microprocessor, liquid crystal display and semiconductor memory to completely overcome the shortcomings of mechanical recorders. It has become an indisputable fact that recorders have replaced mechanical recorders. During the following ten years of development, domestic products in the paperless recorder market occupied an overwhelming advantage, and domestic and foreign products were roughly at the same technical level. Although Honeywell, YOKOGAWA and other foreign companies' products are more refined than domestic products, the accuracy of ± 1.5 ‰ is better than the domestic product of ± 2.0 ‰, but the price of more than 4 times is prohibitive for users. So far, there are more than thirty domestic recorder manufacturers, of which Zhejiang University Central Control, Shenyang Lanshen and Hangzhou Pangu Xiamen Kehao have the largest scale. The annual sales of these four companies account for about 90% of the total domestic sales of similar products.

技术水平有了质的提高,提高的结果就是前面所说的第三个阶段——基于虚拟技术的网络化多功能无纸记录仪,呈现如下技术特点: 显示器件:彩色的大屏幕液晶屏取代单色小屏幕液晶屏; 显示技术:多种测量显示方式——曲线、棒图、数字、流程图; I/O通道:万能输入模块取代定制输入模块,并且广泛采用了点点隔离技术; 测量技术:VF测量取代AD测量(基于低成本考虑); 网络技术:联网工作模式取代单机运行模式; 存储介质:大容量FLASH电子盘取代磁盘; 虚拟技术:虚拟仪表技术在无纸记录仪上的广泛应用——虚拟通道; 多功能:数据测量、流量积算、控制功能的合理集成; 当前无纸记录仪主要使用液晶显示屏作为其显示界面,显示屏尺寸躲在5-6英寸之间,分为单色液晶显示屏和彩色液晶显示屏。 The technical level of the paperless recorder has been qualitatively improved, and the result of the improvement is the third stage mentioned above-a networked multifunctional paperless recorder based on virtual technology, which presents the following technical characteristics: Display device: large The LCD screen replaces the monochrome small-screen LCD screen; Display technology: multiple measurement display modes-curves, bar graphs, numbers, flowcharts; I / O channels: universal input modules replace custom input modules, and point isolation is widely used Technology; Measurement technology: VF measurement replaces AD measurement (based on low cost considerations); Network technology: Networked work mode replaces stand-alone operation mode; Storage medium: Large-capacity FLASH electronic disks replace disks; Virtual technology: Virtual instrument technology in paperless recorders Extensive application on the virtual channel; Multi-function: Reasonable integration of data measurement, flow accumulation, and control functions; At present, the paperless recorder mainly uses the LCD screen as its display interface, and the display size is hidden between 5-6 inches It is divided into monochrome LCD and color LCD. Both types of LCD screens have advantages and disadvantages. Monochrome LCD screen has low price and long life. Up to 100,000 hours, but its display picture quality is far worse than the color display. The color LCD screen's realistic picture is rich in color and clear, but it is expensive and has a lifetime of only 20,000 hours. However, with the rapid development of LCD display technology, the life of color LCD screens has been greatly improved. The LY200 color screen paperless recorder uses a color display imported from Japan with a lifespan of up to 10 years, but it seems that the price is much higher than a monochrome LCD screen, but the price is equal to the price of goods and it should not be analyzed. It is believed that in the future, the market for color screen paperless recorders will still have development prospects. With the widespread use of LCD technology, the manufacturing cost of LCD screens is continuously falling, so that the price of color LCD screens can be reduced to a level acceptable to most users. It is believed that in the near future, paperless recorders using color LCD screens will dominate. Therefore, it is recommended to buy LY200 color screen paperless recorder. At present, with the rapid development and universal application of semiconductor technology and liquid crystal display technology, the prices of flash memory and liquid crystal display screens, which are key components of paperless recorders, are steadily decreasing, thereby gradually reducing the manufacturing cost of paperless recorders. In the near future, the author details that we will be able to see the use of higher-quality color LCD displays, larger flash memories, and larger new floppy disks, and lower-priced paperless recorder products appearing on the market.