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Industry Information
Application of new electromagnetic flowmeter in cement industry
2011-9-2 9:31:43

广泛 ,用于测量各种液体和气体的流量。 Various flowmeters are widely used in chemical, petrochemical steel, power, heating and water treatment industries to measure the flow of various liquids and gases. 随着 现代 工业领域对流量测量要求 不断提高,在市场上出现了各种新型的流量计 However, with the continuous increase of the requirements for flow measurement in the modern industrial field , various new flowmeters have appeared on the market . 不用流量计的 测量机理 的不同,加以不同 的修饰术语, 超声波 流量计 电磁 流量计 涡街流量计等, 传统的容积式、 文丘里管 、机械孔板式流量计 相比来说 ,新型 电磁流量计在精度、可靠性、重复性、可维护性方面和 传统 的流量计相比有显著的差异 They are modified according to different measurement mechanisms without flowmeters , such as ultrasonic flowmeters , electromagnetic flowmeters , vortex flowmeters, etc., compared with traditional volumetric, venturi, and mechanical orifice plate flowmeters . In terms of accuracy, reliability, repeatability, and maintainability of the new electromagnetic flowmeter are significantly different from traditional flowmeters . 易磨损的活动部件很少或 根本没有 流量计中大部分 元件 都是非侵入式 ,具有更小的压降和更好的安全性 很多仪表 备有微处理器, 拥有 诊断和其 它的 功能,从而能为用户提供实时的反馈和历史数据采集。 In the new electromagnetic flowmeter equipment , there are few or no moving parts that are prone to wear . Most of the components in the flowmeter are non-intrusive , with a smaller pressure drop and better safety . Many meters have Equipped with a microprocessor, with self- diagnosis and other functions, it can provide users with real-time feedback and historical data collection.
     其他行业 相比 ,在水泥工业 流量计的 应用较少,这是由于 水泥行业 生产工艺过程中主要介质是物料流和气流, 在物料流中则以粉状和颗粒为主 Compared with other industries in the previous paragraph , there are fewer applications in the cement industry flowmeter . This is because the main media in the cement industry's production process are material flow and airflow, while powder and particles are the main material flow . 在工艺流程中液体料流 基本 没有, 但是 气流还带有一定的粉尘,并且在大管道内通过, 因此 给流量测量带来很大的难度。 However , the liquid stream is basically absent in the process flow , but the air stream also carries a certain amount of dust and passes through the large pipeline, which brings great difficulty to the flow measurement. 操作中的 某些工艺点,如冷却机各室的风量,由于测定的是高压空气流量, 并且 管道的口径也不大,一般 情况下会 用传统的文丘里管,通过差压 进行 测量,但 由于测量精度 比较 低,流量值 仅能作为参考,用它来调节风门的开度,恒定风量也 较困难。 Although some process points in operation , such as the air volume of the various rooms of the cooler, because the high-pressure air flow is measured, and the diameter of the pipe is not large, the traditional venturi pipe is usually used to measure by differential pressure However, because the measurement accuracy is relatively low, the flow value can only be used as a reference. Using it to adjust the opening of the damper, it is difficult to constant air volume . 过去在水泥行业流量测量几乎是一个空白。 So in the past the flow measurement in the cement industry was almost a blank. 行业 生产规模 逐步 增大、工艺过程不断 更新,新型电磁流量计也开始在水泥行业应用。 With the gradual increase of the production scale of the cement industry and the continuous updating of the process , new electromagnetic flowmeters have also begun to be applied in the cement industry.
      应用,在立磨的工艺流程中,要求测定 磨机进出口风量并 且要 保持循环风量恒定 With the continuous updating of cement technology and scale, large vertical mills have been widely used. In the vertical mill process, it is required to determine the inlet and outlet air volume of the vertical mill and keep the circulating air volume constant . In the flow measurement specification, a pipe diameter larger than 200 mm is a large-diameter flow measurement . 用传统的孔板式流量计,在运行 过程 中,由于孔板的节流孔 锐边磨损、板面沾污,管道积聚凝结灰 灯原因 ,在磨损后需要进行更换 孔板流量计还有量程小、精度低、不可恢复 压损大等缺点 ;而且 对于大口径的管道 来说 需要大的法兰, 它的 价格、安装成本和维护也是一个值得关注的问题。 If a traditional orifice plate flowmeter is used, during operation , due to the sharp edges of the orifice orifice of the orifice plate being worn, the surface of the plate being contaminated, and the pipe accumulating condensation gray lamps , it needs to be replaced after wear ; the orifice plate flowmeter There are also shortcomings such as small measuring range, low accuracy, irrecoverability , and large pressure loss ; and for large diameter pipes , large flanges are needed. Its price, installation cost, and maintenance are also issues that deserve attention. 除此之外 气体的流量测量 受温度、压力的变化而变动,对气体的流量测量会造成严重的影响,主要表现在精确度和重复性方面 In addition , the measurement of gas flow is also affected by changes in temperature and pressure, which will seriously affect the measurement of gas flow, mainly in terms of accuracy and repeatability . 含有粉尘,测量传感器中一般带有小孔, 然而 粉尘会容易造成测量传感器的堵塞, 所以 在水泥行业大管道气体流量测量难度大。 In the cement industry, most of the measured process gases will contain dust, and the measurement sensors usually have small holes. However, dust can easily cause the measurement sensor to be blocked, so it is difficult to measure the gas flow in large pipes in the cement industry.
      场中随着新型差压式均 速管 流量计 出现,解决了大管道气体流量的测量的难题,它有着量程比大、精度高、不可恢复压损小的特点,也可通过各种措施以防气体中的粉尘堵塞测量传感器。 With the emergence of a new type of differential pressure averaging tube flowmeter in the market , it has solved the problem of measuring the gas flow in large pipelines. It has the characteristics of large range ratio, high accuracy, and small irrecoverable pressure loss. Measures to prevent the measurement sensor from being blocked by dust in the gas.

  废气处理流程中增湿喷水,从而使电收尘器的效率得以提高。 The auxiliary process in the cement industry is mainly used to improve the equipment operation rate and protect the equipment. For example, in order to increase the specific resistance of the dust, the water is humidified and sprayed in the exhaust gas treatment process, thereby improving the efficiency of the electric dust collector. 在新型干法水泥厂都设有喷水自动调节回路,各厂 电磁流量计 设置在水量控制中,有的 甚至 还配置了捆绑式超声波流量计 ,起到了很好的监控作用,也使喷水自动调节回路能正常运行。 Generally, the new dry-process cement plants are equipped with automatic water spray adjustment circuits. Each plant sets electromagnetic flow meters in the water volume control, and some even have bundled ultrasonic flow meters . The water jet automatic adjustment circuit can operate normally.