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Industry Information
Radar level gauge non-contact measurement using extremely stable materials
2012-3-23 10:18:23

Process industry users often do not need high-precision level measurement. They only need early warning when the liquid level reaches the warning line, and alarm when the liquid overflows the container or the container is empty. Therefore, simple mechanical detection devices are still widely used, and their applications are good. There is usually a full record of use and reliable service on site. However, this task is even more challenging when level detection needs to be performed in a separator or under severe process conditions, or when calibration data needs to be transferred to a higher level level container management system. These applications reflect the general trend and current choice of easy-to-use high-precision equipment. Which technique is appropriate depends on the measurement scheme and media. We have seen increasing demand for radar sensor-based solutions. "Although at radar level gauges we have perfected the performance, accuracy and reliability of servo technology, we see greater potential for radar measurements. We are developing new software to increase the reliability of the equipment, which also It will expand its application range in more occasions. Our goal is to achieve the optimal application of tank capacity for liquid level measurement, "said the radar level gauge." Even in the future, for radar technology, we will not Then look at the "universal" device, the application process, in other words, the mechanical and physical environment will determine which measurement method is the best. "Users need products as simple as possible. Product operators no longer need time to inspect the various probes in the system. The radar level gauge states: "The user wants to install a gauge in the container, which can detect some relatively simple problems, and hope that the gauge works without errors." The market needs simple steps, convenient operations and long-term free maintenance service. To meet these needs, radar level gauges are focusing on improving the shortcomings often complained by by those users of current radar level detectors, which is simplifying operations and making them suitable for special applications. The latest generation of FMCW detectors can transmit clearer signals and more information in the container. Distinguish between weak measurement signals and strong reflected signals. This technology is also used in the new Opt flex, which is a device that receives radar reflected signals. "We see that measurement technologies that bring real benefits to users will become increasingly popular. This method is suitable for universal application and simple and reliable."

解释说,无向微波(雷达)和制导微波(TDR)可很好满足这些需求。 Radar level gauges explain that undirected microwave (radar) and guided microwave (TDR) can meet these needs well. In addition to pure technological developments, attention will also be paid to equipment handling and operation. Radar level gauges for professional applications include parabolic antennas designed for liquids with poor reflection performance. The temperature range of this parabolic antenna is: -40 ° C to + 200 ° C; the pressure range is from vacuum to 3 bar. Andrew Blazey, marketing director in Canada, also considers radar to be a key technology. "Non-contact liquid level detection is currently the most promising product for continuous liquid level detection. At Siemens, we will focus on developing this technology. Compared with other methods, this technology shows the largest growth rate and technical advantages." In addition to ultrasonic Sitrans In addition to the probe LU, a two-wire radar meter will be launched this summer. Process management also starts with radar technology, not only for tank measurement but also for process applications. Radar level products say: "The biggest application area for compact two-wire gauges that provide a digital data interface is process engineering. The current product line provides good performance for many applications. However, process management looks forward to covering their company's products The entire process technology market. "

The Rosemount 5400 level gauge has recently entered the market. The two-wire measuring device has two antennas and has many similar features to Rsemount, including a removable cover and swivel display. The device uses Saab Rosemount's patented, dual-port technology and loop technology, which draws on the high-precision REX product line. 双端口参考分离发送/接收模块,这些模块使目标反射和干涉信号易于鉴别。 Radar level gauge dual port reference separate transmit / receive modules, these modules make target reflection and interference signals easy to identify. The loop model technology ensures that the 5400 can reflect multiple reflections from the container wall before filtering out the software. In many large and small storage tank farms, buffers and feeders have no level detection devices at all. Endress + Hause's LiquicapT products are designed to fill this void. This product has a two-axis capacitive probe, which can be used for continuous measurement of conductive liquids (above 30 μS / cm). Its measurement range is 150 ~ 2500mm, and its process temperature range can be -40 ~ + 100 ℃. The length of the probe is preset in advance according to the special order at the time of manufacture. The user's requirements cannot be taken into account during the installation in order to calibrate the probe. The radar level gauge development department will focus on research in two areas in 2005. For non-traditional solutions, extreme conditions and media properties need to be considered. The focus will be on continuous measurements, rather than pseudo-analog measurements based on spring contact sequence. Magnetic sensors, which have long proven their effectiveness, provide a viable solution. It is believed that the challenge in the future is to integrate temperature sensors and their ability to withstand high temperatures. So far, there is still no universally applicable liquid level sensor, and the differences are mainly in terms of price and performance. High-tech at any price is not always the right solution. Generally, high-precision level measurement devices are not a problem. The biggest difficulty is the conditions under which the sensor is placed in the container, whether it is foamy or under extreme temperature or pressure. Manufacturers are focusing on preventing erroneous measurement results from external influences.

优势及应用: 1、雷达液位计可以测量液体、固体介质比如:原油、浆料、原煤、粉煤、挥发性液体等; 2、可以在真空中测量可以测量所有介质常数>1.8的介质,测量范围可达35m; 3、供电和输出信号通过一根两芯线缆(回路电路),采用4…20mA输出或数字型信号输出; 4、非接触式测量安装方便采用极其稳定的材料牢固耐用,精确可靠分辨率可达1mm; 5、不受噪音、蒸汽、粉尘、真空等工况影响; 6、不受介质密度和温度的变化,过程压力可达40bar,介质温度可达300℃; 7、安装方式有多种可以选择:顶部安装、侧面安装、旁通管安装、导波管安装; 8、调试可多种方式选择:采用编程模块调试(相当于一个分析处理仪表)、SOFT软件调试、HART手持编程器调试,调试起来方便快捷。 Radar level gauge advantages and applications: 1. Radar level gauge can measure liquid and solid media such as: crude oil, slurry, raw coal, pulverized coal, volatile liquids, etc .; 2. It can measure in vacuum and can measure all media constants> 1.8 medium, measuring range up to 35m; 3. Power supply and output signal through a two-core cable (loop circuit), using 4 ... 20mA output or digital signal output; 4, non-contact measurement installation is convenient and extremely stable The material is solid and durable, accurate and reliable resolution can reach 1mm; 5, not affected by noise, steam, dust, vacuum and other working conditions; 6, not affected by changes in medium density and temperature, process pressure can reach 40bar, medium temperature can reach 300 ° C; 7. There are various installation methods to choose from: top installation, side installation, bypass installation, waveguide installation; 8. Debugging can be selected in various ways: using a programming module to debug (equivalent to an analysis processing instrument) , SOFT software debugging, HART handheld programmer debugging, debugging is convenient and fast. Trumpet radar level gauge