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Industry Information
Points to note when servicing power cables
2011-9-29 9:17:19

     用于传输和分配电能的电缆。 Power cables are cables used to transmit and distribute electrical energy. 及过江、过海的水下输电线。 Commonly used in urban underground power grids, lead-out lines of power stations, internal power supply of industrial and mining enterprises, and underwater power lines across rivers and seas. 线路中,电缆所占的比重正 逐渐 增加。 In power lines, the proportion of cables is gradually increasing. 由于它的 故障几率 比较 低、安全可靠、出线灵活 ,因此 得到广泛应用。 As a part of the power line, the power cable is widely used because of its relatively low probability of failure , safety and reliability, and flexible outlet . 如果 一旦出故障,检修难度 就比 较大,危险性也大,因此在检修、试验 该要 特别加以注意。 However, if a fault occurs , the maintenance will be difficult and dangerous, so special attention should be paid to maintenance and testing .
I. Precautions during high voltage test
The high-voltage test of cables should strictly abide by the “Safety Working Regulations of the Electrical Industry”. 也要 对安全的要求不能有丝毫的降低。 Even in the case of poor working conditions on site, the safety requirements must not be reduced in the slightest. 明确,安全注意事项应 详细布置。 The division of labor must be clear, and safety precautions should be arranged in detail. 装设封闭式的遮拦或 围栏, 还要 向外悬挂 止步,高压危险! 标志牌, 同时还要 派人看守。 The test site should be provided with enclosed barriers or fences, and a sign saying " Stop, high voltage danger! " In particular, the other end of the cable must be guarded and communication must be kept open to prevent emergencies. 符合安全要求,操作必须规范。 The test device and wiring should meet the safety requirements and the operation must be standardized. 集中,操作人员应 站在绝缘垫上。 Attention should be focused during the test, and the operator should stand on the insulation pad. 试验结束 ,应 先断开试验电源,放电,并将高压设备的高压部分短路接地。 When changing the line or when the test is over , you should first disconnect the test power, discharge, and short-circuit the high-voltage part of the high-voltage equipment to ground. ,每告一段落或 试验结束时 将电缆对地放电数次并短路接地,之 后才 接触电缆。 During the HVDC test , the cable should be discharged to ground several times and short-circuited to ground after each paragraph or at the end of the test , and then the cable can be contacted.
注意事项 Second , other matters needing attention
电缆沟盖板 ,应 做好防止交通事故的措施。 When opening the cable well or cable trench cover , measures should be taken to prevent traffic accidents. 布置好围栏,做好明显的警告标志,并且设置阻挡车辆误入的障碍。 Fences should be arranged around the well, obvious warning signs should be provided, and obstacles to prevent accidental entry of vehicles should be set up. 有照明,防止行人或 车辆落入井内。 At night, the cable well should also be illuminated to prevent pedestrians or vehicles from falling into the well. 排除井内 浊气。 Before entering the cable well, the turbid gas in the well should be eliminated . 戴安全帽,并做好防火、防水 及防高空落物等措施,井口 有专人看守。 Workers in the well should wear safety helmets and take measures such as fire prevention, waterproofing, and protection against falling objects at high altitudes. The wellhead should also be guarded by special personnel.
Preparation before work
填用第一种工作票,不需停电的工作应 填用第二种工作票。 The first type of work ticket should be filled out for power cable blackouts , and the second type of work ticket should be filled for work that does not require power outages . 详细查阅有关的路径图、排列图 及隐蔽工程的图纸资料,必须详细核对电缆名称,标示牌 是不是 与工作票所写的相符,在安全措施正确可靠后 可开始工作。 Before work, you should consult the relevant path diagrams, arrangement diagrams, and drawings of concealed projects in detail. You must check the cable names in detail, and whether the nameplates are consistent with those written in the work ticket . Work can only begin after the safety measures are correct and reliable .
Fourth , matters needing attention
检修的电缆。 During work, the cables that need to be repaired must be identified . 检修的电缆可分为2 种: The cables that need to be repaired can be divided into 2 types:
故障 及电缆体表面有明显故障点的电缆。 (1) The terminal head is faulty and the cable on the surface of the cable body has obvious fault points. This type of faulty cable has obvious fault signs and is easy to confirm.
(2) The cable on the surface of the cable is not exposed. 电缆,除 查对资料,核实电缆名称外,还必须用电缆识别仪进行识别,使 与其他运行中的带电电缆区别开来,尤其是在同一断面内有众多电缆 ,严格区分需 检修的电缆与其他带电的电缆 尤为重要 For this kind of faulty cable, in addition to checking the data and verifying the cable name, it must be identified by a cable identifier to distinguish it from other live cables in operation, especially if there are many cables in the same section. At this time , it is especially important to strictly distinguish the cables that need to be repaired from other live cables . At the same time, this can also effectively prevent accidents caused by incorrectly disconnected live cables due to mislabeled cable labels. 锯断电缆 的时候 必须有可靠的安全保护措施。 There must be reliable safety protection measures when cutting the cable . 没有 电,然后,用接地的带木柄的铁钎钉入电缆芯后,方可工作。 Before sawing the cable, it must be confirmed that the cable needs to be cut and the cable has no electricity, and then the grounding iron nail with a wooden handle is inserted into the cable core before it can work. 戴绝缘手套并 站在绝缘垫上,应 特别注意保证铁钎接地的良好。 People with a wooden handle should also wear insulating gloves and stand on an insulating pad. Special care should be taken to ensure that the iron is well grounded. 移动电缆,则应 小心, 一定记住不能 蛮干,严防损伤其他运行中的电缆。 If you need to move the cable during work, you should be careful, you must remember not to be rude, to prevent damage to other running cables. 一定要 按工艺要求安装,确保质量, 坚决 不留事故隐患。 The cable head must be installed according to the process requirements to ensure quality and resolutely leave no hidden dangers of accidents. 认真核对电缆两端的相位,先去掉原先的相色标志,再套上正确的相色标志,以防新旧相色混淆。 After the cable is repaired, the phases at both ends of the cable should be carefully checked, and the original phase sign should be removed first, and then the correct phase sign should be put on to prevent confusion between the old and new colors.