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Industry Information
Low-smoke, low-halogen cable reports gun robberies in Nanjing
2012-1-31 8:49:18

The "2012.1.6" Nanjing robbery case that shocked the whole country has aroused great attention from the central government. Detecting the case as soon as possible and capturing the most wicked suspects have become the overriding priority of the current public security organs across the country.

Yesterday, the Provincial Public Security Department held a provincial teleconference to deploy and investigate suspects in the case. 报道省公安厅党委副书记、副厅长尚武表示:该嫌疑人穷凶极恶,8年作案7起杀 Low-smoke and low-halogen flame-retardant control cable reported that the deputy secretary of the Party Committee and deputy director of the Provincial Public Security Department, Shang Wu, said that the suspect was extremely vicious and committed 7 murders in 8 years.

Seven people were killed, the crime span was extremely wide, and it always surrounds our province. It is likely to sneak into our province and never be paralyzed.

Ministry of Public Security confirms: "flat man" is not Zeng Kaigui

At 10 am on January 6, in front of the Agricultural Bank of China, No. 2 Dongmen Street, Xiaguan District, Nanjing, a 200,000 yuan withdrawal from a member of a construction company in Jiangsu went out of the bank door, and a criminal rushed to his head. Shoot, pick up money

Fled after the paper bag. Cheng Mou died after being rescued. When the media reported the case, the suspects were Zeng Kaigui.

In fact, Zeng Kaigui was a suspect in another major shooting and was at large, unrelated to the case. Yesterday, Shang Wu, deputy director of the Provincial Public Security Department and head of the Hubei ad hoc group, said that the Ministry of Public Security has confirmed that the Su Xiangyu series of cases were not done by Zeng Kaigui, but

The characteristics of the two suspects do have similarities: they are both in their early 40s, medium build, Sichuan accent, calm and sophisticated behavior, and military accomplishment.

At present, the Ministry of Public Security has made it clear that the "1 · 6" Nanjing robbery and the previous six cases of gun robbery and homicide in Changsha, Hunan, and Chongqing were all committed by the same suspect. 可靠消息称 Reliable ⎝⎛星力捕鱼⎞⎠ of low-smoke and low-halogen flame-retardant control cable

The case was named "1 · 6" Su Xiangyu Extraordinary Series Gun Robbery Murder Case. After several shooting and robbery cases in Changsha, experts from the Ministry of Public Security organized an investigation by the Changsha police to obtain a close-up photo of the suspect and named him "flat-headed man."

These two close-up photos, taken recently, are the most powerful information to capture the suspect. May sneak into Anhui, pay attention to safety when reporting arrests

At the mobilization meeting yesterday, Shang Wu said: The suspect committed seven crimes, killed 7 people, and robbed more than 400,000 yuan in 8 years. The people responded strongly. The leaders of the central government and the Ministry of Public Security attached great importance to this case and demanded that the case be resolved as soon as possible. And make

For the current public security organs overwhelming priorities. Shang Wu said that the suspect's long crime span, long incubation period, and large space conversion range seriously threatened the lives and property of the people. Especially since June last year, its frequency of crimes

Speeding up, the crime is around the province, and there is a tendency to prefer the central cities and capital cities along the river. The possibility of fleeing through our province or even committing crimes in our province is quite high. Public security organs at all levels in our province, especially Wuhan, Yi

Cities such as Chang, Jingzhou, and Xiangyang must attach great importance to it and act immediately to plan ahead. They must overcome the "nothing to do with themselves" thinking, overcome laxity, and immediately conduct a comprehensive inventory. Deploy checkpoints at checkpoints to eliminate this

A major safety hazard.

Shang Wu also "painted" the suspect: The suspect was silent and solitary, and did not like to communicate with people. He is used to getting up early, stepping on the points carefully before committing the crime, "squatting" in advance, and planning the escape route and where to stay. like

Wear a hat, sunglasses, and a mask for disguise. The hand shakes a lot when walking, the waist plate is straight when standing, has the habit of shaking feet and back hands, and does not speak standard Mandarin. The method is particularly brutal, decisive and resolute in committing crimes,

There is no room for tolerance, and the ability to counter-investigate is extremely strong. Shang Wu particularly emphasized that the suspect was fierce in his possession of a firearm. When people report and arrest by public security organs, they must pay attention to methods and methods to protect their own safety.

Summary of things

At 9:50 am on January 6, 2012, a robbery occurred in Nanjing. A man withdrew money from a bank in Nanjing City and Yanlu Road. He was wounded after being shot by a gangster. The cash he collected was about 200,000 yuan Snatch it away. It is understood that

The gangsters were two and fled on a bus bound for the Second Yangtze River Bridge in Nanjing. After the robbery, the suspect quickly got into the car and escaped. As of 11:15 on January 6, the suspect was still at large.

According to Ms. Chen, the owner of a small shop at the scene, she heard a loud noise at about 9:40 in the morning and thought it was a firecracker. Later, a man fell to the ground in front of the Agricultural Bank, and there was a lot of blood on the ground.

Brown cotton padded jacket, with nothing beside him. According to eyewitnesses, it was two men who came to the bank's No. 4 window to withdraw money, and a total of 200,000 yuan in cash. The two men allegedly belonged to the same unit and one of them remained at the bank

Continuing, another man took out 200,000 yuan to go out to get on the car. When he left the bank gate about 30 meters, a man rushed to the money collector and shot him in the head.

Jiangsu Province will announce the rewards to all cities in the province

悬赏公告也被下发至全省各地,而这样的寻访等级 On January 9th, the Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Department finally announced that it would extend the highest level of deployment and control beyond Nanjing to the whole province, and upgrade the patrol level to the first level. To all parts of the province, and this level of search

Previously only during important holidays and events

So deployed. At the same time, the intensity of the large-scale search of Guanchengmen in Nanjing has not decreased. The Nanjing Police continued to investigate the rental housing of densely mobile populations, and the investigation of the most stringent investigation and control places such as Internet cafes, KTVs, and hotels in the area

In the second round, road patrol officers have also strengthened the investigation of bridges, tunnels, and uninhabited temporary buildings, especially those with a large Sichuan accent. At present, the greatest difficulty in the investigation of urban Nanjing lies in

Yu, the "disappeared people" in the rental house, because the Spring Festival has begun, some are in the jurisdiction

The district registered too many foreigners, some of whom have already returned home, while others went to work or visit friends in other places, which brought great difficulties to the investigation. Nonetheless, the Nanjing Police still demanded that such "disappeared persons" return home.

For proof, those who go out to work must be tracked to the construction site for one-to-one confirmation.

Mayor of Nanjing: Ask citizens to give public security time

During the webcast of "Citizens have something to say to the mayor" in Nanjing Suojin Village Community Service Center, Nanjing Mayor Ji Jianye exchanged face-to-face with representatives from all walks of life. Naturally, the shooting was the topic of most concern. When asked

When the suspect was arrested, Ji Jianye answered

"Please ask the public to give public security time."