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Industry Information
Verabar flowmeter industry featuring biotechnology will grow rapidly
2012-3-23 8:42:49

应用领域流量仪表是过程自动化仪表与装置中的大类仪表之一,它被广泛适用于冶金、电力、煤炭、化工、石油、交通、建筑、轻纺、食品、医药、农业、环境保护及人民日常生活等国民经济各个领域,是发展工农业生产,节约能源,改进产品质量,提高经济效益和管理水平的重要工具在国民经济中占有重要的地位。 Verabar flowmeter application field flow meter is one of the large-scale meters in process automation instruments and devices, it is widely used in metallurgy, electric power, coal, chemical Environmental protection and people's daily life, in various areas of the national economy, are important tools for developing industrial and agricultural production, saving energy, improving product quality, and improving economic efficiency and management. They occupy an important position in the national economy. Among the process automation instruments and devices, the flow meter has two major functions: as a detection instrument for the process automation control system and a total meter for measuring the quantity of materials. Energy is divided into primary energy (coal, crude oil, coalbed methane, petroleum gas and natural gas), secondary energy (electricity, coke, artificial gas, refined oil, liquefied petroleum gas, steam) and energy-bearing working fluids (compressed air, oxygen, Nitrogen, hydrogen, water), etc. Energy measurement is an important means of scientifically managing energy, realizing energy saving and consumption reduction, and improving economic benefits. Flow meters are an important part of energy measurement instruments. Water, artificial gas, natural gas, steam, and oil products use an extremely large number of flow meters. They are indispensable tools for energy management and economic accounting. Flue gas The discharge of waste liquid and sewage seriously pollutes the atmosphere and water resources and seriously threatens the living environment of human beings. The state has listed sustainable development as a national policy, and environmental protection will be the biggest issue in the 21st century. To control air and water pollution, management must be strengthened, and management is based on quantitative control of pollution. China is a country with coal as its main energy source. There are millions of chimneys in the country that continuously emit smoke to the atmosphere. Flue gas emission control is an important project to eliminate pollution. Each chimney must be equipped with flue gas analysis instruments and flow meters to form a flail emission monitoring system. The flow rate and volume of the flue gas are very difficult. The difficulty is that the chimney is large in size and irregular in shape, the gas composition varies, the flow rate range is large, dirt, dust, corrosion, high temperature, no straight pipe sections, etc. There are five ways: rail road, air, water, and pipeline. Although pipeline transportation has already existed for a long time, its application is not universal. With the prominence of environmental protection issues, the characteristics of pipeline transportation have attracted people's attention. Pipeline transportation must be equipped with a flow meter, which is the eye for control, distribution and dispatch, and an essential tool for safety oversight and economic accounting.

The 21st century will usher in the century of life sciences, and industries featuring biotechnology will develop rapidly. There are many substances to be monitored and measured in biotechnology, such as blood and urine. Instrument development is extremely difficult, with a wide variety. The number of flowmeters required for scientific experiments is not only large, but also extremely diverse. According to statistics, a large part of more than 100 types of flowmeters are used for scientific research. They are not mass-produced and sold on the market. Many scientific research institutions and large enterprises have special teams to develop special flowmeters. These areas are open channels, and generally need to detect the flow velocity and then estimate the flow. The physical principle and fluid mechanics basis of the flowmeter and flowmeter are common, but the principle and structure of the instrument and the conditions of use are very different.

均速管流量传感器的特点 ● 可测量多种介质,应用范围广泛● 精度高、量程比大● 探头取压孔本质防堵● 测量信号稳定、波动小● 管道永久压损低● 独有高强度的子弹头形单片双腔结构● 安装费用低,基本免维护● 可以在线安装和检修● 稳定的信号威力巴的低压取压孔位于探头侧后两边、流体与探头分离点之间,远离涡流波动区域。 Characteristics of Verabar flowmeter averaging tube flow sensor ● It can measure a variety of media and has a wide range of applications ● High accuracy and large range ratio ● The probe pressure hole is essentially anti-blocking ● The measurement signal is stable and the fluctuation is small ● The permanent pressure loss of the pipeline is low ● Unique high-strength bullet-shaped single-chip dual-cavity structure ● Low installation cost, basically maintenance-free ● Can be installed and overhauled online ● Stable signal Verabar's low-pressure pressure-receiving holes are located on the two sides behind the probe side, and between the fluid and probe separation points Away from the vortex wave area. ● Excellent long-term high accuracy. Verabar can guarantee long-term stability of accuracy because: ⑴. It is not affected by wear, dirt and oil. ⑵. There are no moving parts in the structure. ⑶. The occurrence of blockage is excluded from the design. At the front of the probe, a high static pressure area surrounds the probe so that the high-pressure pressure taking hole will not be blocked. The most important thing is that the low-pressure holes are taken at the back two sides of the probe side, and the fluid is swept across the surface, which protects the low-pressure holes from being swept, and other probes are easily blocked because their low-pressure pressure holes are collected by impurities. Low voltage fluctuation area.
● Lowest installation cost ⑴. It only needs a few inches of line welding, and the installation is very simple and fast. ⑵. Apply special tools to achieve online installation with pressure. ⑶. All valves and interfaces of various instruments need only simple assembly, which requires very low assembly costs. ● Very low operating cost. It is a non-constricting design. As a plug-in flow probe, Verabar has the lowest operating cost. 威. Verabar produces only very low permanent pressure losses, typically less than 0.7KPa ⑶. Permanent pressure losses generated by an orifice plate element exceed 14KPa ⑷. Compared with orifice plates, Verabar's energy loss is reduced by 95 %.
从根本上杜绝了堵的可能,但是在以下情况下,威力巴仍要注意防堵: ⑴. 当引压管泄漏,探头高压平衡区遭到破坏,杂质中直径较小的颗粒就有可能进入取压孔⑵. 当管道处于停产时,由于分子的布朗运动,颗粒小的杂质有可能进入取压孔。 ● The continuously operating Verabar flowmeter fundamentally eliminates the possibility of plugging. However, Verabar should still pay attention to preventing clogging in the following situations: ⑴. When the impulse tube leaks, the high-pressure balance area of the probe is damaged, and the diameter in the impurities Smaller particles may enter the tapping hole. When the pipeline is stopped, small particles of particles may enter the tapping hole due to the Brownian motion of the molecules. ⑶. The system frequently starts and stops. At the moment when the high-pressure area is formed, small particles of impurities may enter the pressure taking hole. Over time, the probe may be blocked. ⑷. The medium contains a large amount of tar, algae, or contains fibrous substances, which may also cause the probe to be blocked.

Application of new technology original design with valve connector Verabar: using a new design concept to provide a new concept, built-in instrument shut-off valve 1 at the connector of the instrument, making installation and maintenance easier.
2. Reduce the number of assembly parts and reduce the cost of hardware connection.
Quick installation system Quick insertion and removal ● Sealed drive system can avoid damage to components ● Can be applied to the installation of multiple probes separately All installations take less than 1 hour