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Industry Information
Heat-resistant silicone rubber control cable reports crash in Nanjing
2012-2-18 9:29:30

报道:2月14日发生在南京禄口机场迎宾路VIP通道的家用车与豪车碰撞的交通事故,禄口机场公安局交巡警大队昨天给出责任认定结果,判定菱悦车主小刘负全责。 According to the report of the heat-resistant silicone rubber control cable : On February 14th, a traffic accident between a family car and a luxury car occurred in the VIP channel of Yingbin Road, Nanjing Lukou Airport. Judging Lingyue owner Xiao Liu took full responsibility. Rolls-Royce Phantom Property Unit Taineng Group stated that it would avoid Xiao Liu's compensation. Mr. Gan, general manager of Taineng Group, said that the other party ’s economic situation made them unreliable and the chairman could only repair Rolls-Royce at his own expense.

Surveillance reveals Rolls-Royce has braked to avoid

Lingyue owner was found responsible for the accident

After more than 20 hours of investigation and evidence collection, and written records of the parties. Yesterday morning, the Lukou Airport Public Security Bureau Traffic Patrol Brigade made a letter of responsibility for the accident. Captain Xu Jianqiang introduced that the Southeast Lingyue car crossed the central yellow line when turning and collided with the normal Rolls-Royce on the road. The entire responsibility of the car owner is borne by Lingyue. The main basis for qualitative analysis is the incident recorded by the monitoring probe at the scene of the incident and the impact of the scene.

Monitoring shows that at 11:28 am on February 14th, the white Rolls-Royce sedan appeared from the lower end of the screen, kept moving straight at a constant speed to the west, and gradually drove towards the corner of the far end of the screen. appear. At this moment, it can be seen that the Rolls-Royce car's brake lights are on, decelerating, and the front of the car has turned to the right to avoid the trajectory.

"The Rolls-Royce brake lights are on, and there is a deceleration and avoidance until there is no way to avoid." The traffic police said that according to the investigation of the scene, when the Rolls-Royce car evaded, the right front wheel had reached the right-hand roller. On the scene photos as evidence. "The yellow solid line is like a wall and it is not allowed to change lanes." Captain Xu said that according to Article 35 of the Traffic Law, Lingyue Sedan crossed the yellow solid line in the middle of the road and entered the opposite lane. It should be responsible for the entire accident. responsibility.

"I'm sorry for this family"

After signing the letter of approval, the owner of Lingyue cried with a headache

称交警部门作出交通事故责任认定书后,事故的双方均到场,在认定书上签字确认。 After the heat-resistant silicone rubber control cable said that the traffic police department had issued a certificate of responsibility for a traffic accident, both parties to the accident were present and signed the certificate for confirmation. Captain Xu Jianqiang said that this responsibility confirmation is not the ultimate conclusion. If the parties have objections to this determination, they can file an appeal with the relevant department within three days after the confirmation is issued.

As for this right, Xiao Liu had no intention of retaining it. After signing the letter, he cried with his father who came from his uncle's home. Xiao Liu said that on the night of the incident, he didn't sleep all night and thought about it all night. His psychological burden was very heavy, and he felt a bit breathless. He felt sorry for the family, and had caused such a terrible disaster that the family could not bear it. Burden. "I really don't know how to pay. Demolition of the house is not enough." Xiao Liu's father said that this Lingyue car was bought by his son and is usually used for rent. The rent is more than 1,000 yuan per month, plus 2000 for the dry chef. Diversified wages, barely able to maintain this family, there are still newborn children to raise. Now they are facing compensation of about 500,000 yuan, which is an astronomical figure for their family.

Xiao Liu crouched on the ground and cried. His father comforted him, "Bring it back, what should I do?" Captain Xu Da and the traffic police handling the accident also took into account the actual situation of Xiao Liu, and also wanted to help Xiao Liu as much as possible in the process of civil mediation, and hoped that the Taineng Group would be considerate of Xiao Liu's family economic situation.

Do n’t lose the traffic police ’s suggestion

Luxury car owners repair Rolls Royce at their own expense

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter learned from Taineng Group that the Rolls-Royce that had been hit was ready to be shipped to Shanghai for repair. The repair period would take three months at the earliest. Maybe it would have to wait half a year. The damaged Rolls-Royce had not yet Dismantling and inspection, so the maintenance cost cannot be accurately estimated.

"We were very helpless in the accident. Although the responsibility for the accident is not with us, the traffic police department also suggested that it is difficult for us to understand the economic conditions of the other party." Gan Bin, general manager of the Taineng Group, told reporters that yesterday morning, they saw driving Lingyue cars. Xiao Liu and Xiao Liu ’s father, “Liu ’s father looks very down-to-earth, and is not good at communication. We learned that it ’s really difficult for Xiao ’s family to raise maintenance costs for Rolls-Royce. We also lost the confidence to talk about it, and it is impossible to pursue them through judicial channels, let alone let them pay hundreds of thousands, maybe tens of thousands will not be able to pay them out, we ca n’t help but investigate them. ”Gan Bin said .

When the reporter interviewed Gan Bin, the chairman of Taineng Group Chen Aineng called Gan Bin. Gan Bin told the reporter that the chairman considered that Xiao Liu's family was indeed not rich enough and decided not to ask Xiao Liu for compensation. He himself Get out of your pocket to repair this Rolls-Royce Phantom.

Last night, the reporter sent a text message to tell Liu that the Taineng Group did not want him to pay. He responded to the message and thanked President Chen from the bottom of his heart, as well as the media.

Netizens question

"Huge price kiss" is hype?

The luxurious kiss between Rolls-Royce and Ling Yue has caused a lot of discussions on the Internet. Many of them have questioned that the car accident is a pre-planned commercial hype. Taineng Group may use this to increase its reputation and visibility. Netizens questioned are summarized as follows:

1. Taineng Company is a luxury car seller, and Rolls-Royce was mostly an exhibition; 2. Don't make a big difference from compensation of one million to one point; 3. The accident section is not complicated, and the monitoring shows that the speed of the two sides is not fast; 4. The people who broke the ⎝⎛星力捕鱼⎞⎠ were from the advertising company; 5. Liu is no longer a chef. He came to Nanjing to act strangely. What is his relationship with Taineng? 6. Are Rolls-Royce temporary license plates amazing?

Owner response

"This hype is too expensive, too"

Regarding the doubts of bloggers, Gan Bin, the general manager of Taineng Group, poured hard on reporters. He said that they also paid attention to the comments on Weibo. "A such a good car was struck by a car with a speed of more than 40 kilometers per hour. Who would take such a big risk to use tens of millions of cars to hype?" Gan Bin said that Rao said that Rice does not need to advertise in this way.

Regarding the first point of questioning, Gan Bin said that the store operated all kinds of top-level famous cars. Although the Rolls-Royce was reserved by the company for its own use, it was a natural thing to display it in the hallway when not in use.

Second, don't you doubt that the compensation is hundreds of thousands to one point? Gan Bin replied: They chose not to pay any money, because the other party ’s family was so ordinary, they could n’t bear to see the other party ’s family too sad for a traffic accident. In addition, no matter how to repair the car, hundreds of thousands of dollars must be spent, and the company pays for it. Such hype is too expensive.

The third point questioned whether Gan Bin felt that the accident was complicated. The traffic police said that the road had a speed limit of 40 kilometers and the speed of the opponent was "forty or fifty yards."

The fourth and fifth points are questioned. Gan Bin said: "We have already suffered such a big loss, and it is not good yet. We have nothing to do with Liu and it is an accident."

The sixth point is about the licensing. Gan Bin introduced that this Rolls-Royce Phantom was owned by the company in November 2011 and was not officially listed because the frequency of use of this car is extremely low. A VIP will be sent at noon on the 14th Headed to the airport. In the morning, this Rolls-Royce temporarily issued a temporary license. Because the VIP who sent the VIP to the airport was not a full-time driver of the company, "this staff member could not find the temporary license, in fact the temporary license was on the car." Say. The traffic police also said that whether there is a listing does not affect the determination of the responsibility for the accident.

还称道:太能集团公司在南京软件大道有一家名车馆,其公司副总裁、总经理甘彬先生说,被撞的这辆劳斯莱斯幻影是限量版价格太贵,这辆白色的国内只有一辆,尽管被撞得不严重,但维修价格很高。 The heat-resistant silicone rubber control cable also said: Taineng Group Co., Ltd. has a famous car hall on Nanjing Software Avenue. The company's vice president and general manager, Mr. Gan Bin, said the crashed Rolls-Royce Phantom is a limited edition and the price is too expensive. There is only one white domestic vehicle. Although it was not hit seriously, the repair price is high. Chen Aineng, chairman of Taineng Group, learned of the family situation of Lingyue owner Liu Jianyuan and decided to pay for the rest except the insurance company to pay 30. He did not need to be compensated by the perpetrator. He also urged the public to treat the rich and the poor rationally. Extreme thoughts.