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Safe "eyes" ------- pressure instruments
2011-9-29 14:54:33

     广泛应用 各个领域。 Pressure instruments are common measuring instruments and are widely used in various fields. 们不仅 直观地显示出各个工序环节的压力变化 洞察产品或 介质流程中的条件形成 监视生产运行过程中的安全动向, 还可以 通过自动连锁或 传感装置, 构成了 一道迅速可靠的安全保障, 防范事故、保障人身和财产安全 方面 发挥了重要作用, 因此 被称 安全的“眼睛”。 They can not only visually show the pressure changes in each process link ; gain insight into the formation of conditions in the product or medium process ; monitor the safety trends in the production and operation process ; they can also form an automatic chain or sensor device The rapid and reliable security guarantee has played an important role in preventing accidents and protecting the safety of people and property , so it is called the "eye" of safety.
     生产 使用 中, 压力表存在被忽视或 违法使用问题,给安全带来隐患。 However, in actual production and use , the pressure gauge has the problem of being ignored or illegally used, which brings hidden dangers to safety. 以下几点 The main performance is as follows :
安装配置 方面 不规范。 First, the installation and configuration are not standardized. 规程规范中对压力表的配置、安装、使用、维护、检验等 有明确规定要求。 The current regulations have clear requirements for the configuration, installation, use, maintenance, and inspection of pressure gauges . 实际装配 ,减少次要部位或 双(多)表监控处的设置只数,盘径与量程不 符合 工作要求, 易燃、易爆、有毒、腐蚀等特殊条件环境下 没有 采用特殊仪表等,随意改变规范规定的情况 比较 突出。 However, in the actual assembly , reduce the number of settings in the secondary parts or the monitoring place of the dual (multi) meter. The disk diameter and range do not meet the working requirements. Under special conditions such as flammable, explosive, toxic, and corrosive No special instrument, etc. are used, and it is more prominent to change the specifications at will .
日常使用维护 方面 不重视。 Second, do not pay attention to daily use and maintenance . ;没有 使用情况记录 以及存在表针不归零位或 波动严重 防爆孔保护膜脱落 表盘腐蚀或玻璃破碎 表盘不清扫等现象。 Check and clean from time to time ; there is no record of usage ; and there is a phenomenon that the needle does not return to the zero position or fluctuates seriously ; the explosion-proof hole protective film falls off ; the dial is corroded or the glass is broken ;
检测检定 方面的 工作不落实。 3. The work on testing and verification is not implemented. 检定周期为半年。 The calibration cycle of a general pressure gauge is half a year. 法律 措施。 Mandatory verification is a legal measure to ensure the reliable technical performance of pressure gauges, accurate transmission of values, and effective guarantee of safe production . 检定周期使用 现象 非常 严重 Because some users fail to recognize the safety role of pressure gauges, they do not apply for verification in advance, and the phenomenon of exceeding the verification period is very serious . 买的 压力表必须经检定合格后方可安装使用,但 新表首用检定率 比较 低。 In particular, newly purchased pressure gauges must be qualified before being installed and used, but the first-time verification rate of new gauges is relatively low.
不存在任何危险。 The pressure gauge is too small compared to the production system. The pressure gauge itself is not dangerous. 以压力表为主体 ,以自动连锁装置 传感装置 保护装置为依托, 以纤小细微的感知为视觉,对安全建构的堡垒是其他无可替代的。 But with the pressure gauge as the main body , the automatic interlocking device , the sensing device , and the protection device as the support, and the tiny and delicate perception as the vision, there is no other alternative to the fortress of safety construction. 不重视 To despise and neglect details is to ignore safety . 仅仅 是显示几个压力数字 这样的简单 ,它 是在 用机灵的“眼睛”,去监视着一丝一毫的“漏穴”, 时刻守护着产品安全、人身安全、环境安全的大门。 As a safety accessory, a pressure gauge is not just as simple as displaying several pressure numbers . It is using smart "eyes" to monitor the slightest "leakage". It always guards product safety and personal safety. The door to environmental safety. 使用易燃、易爆、有毒物质的生产、储存、运输等危险场所 ,压力因素对预防灾难性事故的发生起关键作用。 Especially when using dangerous places such as production, storage, and transportation of flammable, explosive, and toxic substances , stress factors play a key role in preventing catastrophic accidents. The contribution of pressure gauges to safety cannot be underestimated .
:( 1) 使用单位要不断提高安全意识、责任意识,真正管理好利用好压力表的特性,使其 充分 发挥出“眼睛”的作用; 2) 检测检定机构应 积极做好压力表的检定工作,及时降级、报废检定不符合使用要求的压力表,保证量值 准确 、性能 可靠 3) 监督部门要严格规程、规范要求, 有重点地监督压力表使用中的违规现象,依法查处违规操作、违法使用行为。 The use of pressure gauges is the responsibility of each safety worker : ( 1) The user unit must continuously improve the awareness of safety and responsibility, truly manage and make good use of the characteristics of the pressure gauge, and make it fully play the role of "eye"; 2) The inspection and verification agency should actively do a good job of pressure gauge verification, timely downgrade and scrap the pressure gauges that do not meet the requirements for use, and ensure the accuracy of the value and the reliability of the performance ; ( 3) The supervision department must be strict Regulations and specifications require that the use of pressure gauges be supervised in a focused manner, and illegal operations and illegal use investigated and punished in accordance with the law. 我们从细节抓起,从基础做起,擦亮安全的“眼睛”,共同构筑牢固的安全长堤。 This requires us to grasp from the details, start from the foundation, polish the safety "eyes", and build a solid safety dyke together.